This is another Bored-Whatever-Yachtclub. Except it's not. This is my original work. I developed the character back in 2005. And set it aside. Back then there was no market for digital art. There is a market now.  NFTs  are the market. So, the next step was to further develop the Dude and put him in some nice clothes. 
And this is what it is: A collection of several Variants of a 3D-Character, all done by an independent 3D-Artist who has been in the 3D-business for over 20 years. The first Collection has 24 individual Dudes, on January 24th  2022 the minting started with a charge of Four Dudes.
What this is not:
There are no fancy add-ons to the smartcontract like "the owner of the NFT  buys the guarantee to have a dinner with the artist or access to a concert or monthly loveletters or whatsoever". There are no promises that in a later-to-be-announced period of time I am going to develop my own cryptocurrency or whitelists to fly to mars in metawonderland. Nope.
It is just about the art. 
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